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Our Commitment

WanderRoam is committed to providing unique cultural experiences wherever we go. After you depart from us, we want you to feel as if you had the time of your life every time. We want you to experience culture, taste new foods, meet people you never would have met, and leave each destination with new sense of connectedness with the world. 

Our Groups

We are dedicated to providing meaningful experiences to each of our Roamers. Because of this dedication, we limit the number of guests to 14 Roamers per trip. We want you to be able to network and get to know your fellow travelers with the hopes that by the end, you will feel like family, rather than just a number. 

Our Policies

Here at WanderRoam, we're pretty simple. We host fun, drama-free experiences. We're open to anyone 18 years and older who is willing to be open-minded and have a good time. Some may wonder why flights aren't included in our prices or why payments are nonrefundable; We have Roamers joining us from all over the country, so it is impossible to ensure flight prices. Also, we want our Roamers feel free to roam, so if you want to arrive early, head home later, or even head to another country afterwards, we give you the freedom to select your own flights. Also, once payments are made, efforts to make arrangements for our Roamers are made almost immediately, so we are unable to issue refunds. 



 Hear From Our Past Roamers


“I’d do it all over again!”

“As someone who has done two trips so far, each experience has been life-changing, and I’d do it all over again! Actually, I am going to next year!”

Adrienne Dunbar, Costa Rica 2018 and Thailand 2018


“Well-planned and action-packed!”

“My booking experience was seamless and the travel experience was well-planned and action-packed!”

Ashlee Brown, Thailand 2018


“An overall good time!”

“My trip to Thailand was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life! It was well organized, eventful, informative, and just an overall good time!”

Jason Gibson, Thailand 2018


WanderRoam is a collective travel company dedicated to providing unique and exciting cultural experiences while encouraging networking and a sense of community among its diverse groups of travelers.


About The Founder

Kendra Redding is a registered nurse, born and raised in Mississippi. She took her first international trip at the age of fourteen and has been traveling ever since. Her love of travel and adventure sparked her to create a way to help others experience the world. What started as her personal blog, The Girl That Goes, has evolved into WanderRoam- a company with a passion for bringing people together while creating unique, cultural experiences one country at a time.